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Simatic KP8/KP8F/32F Key Panel

Simatic KP8/KP8F/32F Key Panel
Manufacturer: Simatic

SIMATIC HMI Key Panels can be used for creating conventional keypad operator panels according to the principle of" plug and control": They are ready for installation and pre-assembled. In this way, time-consuming individual assembly and wiring, as required for conventional operator panels, is not necessary.

This reduces the time required for wiring by up to 90%compared to conventional wiring. All that is required is the corresponding installation cutout and a bus cable for connection to the controller.

Features Applications Model
  • Optimum operability thanks to large mechanical keys and multi-colored LED backlighting (daylight readable)
  • Over 60% time savings for wiring and installation (Plug&Play)
  • More than 30% savings in material costs compared to conventional keypad operator panels
  • 2 PROFINET ports (incl. switch) already integrated for setting up line and ring topologies
  • Freely configurable digital I/Os on the rear for connecting key-operated switches, indicator lamps, etc.
  • Connection of fail-safe emergency stop buttons or other fail-safe signals with KP8F and KP32F (in SIL2 or SIL3)
  • Functionally compatible with all standard PROFINET master CPUs, also non-Siemens
  • KP8 and empty front design, also optimized for installation in IPC Extension Units in IP65
  • Maximum flexibility due to parameterization
  • Empty front design for standardized assembly of flexible operator panels
  • Ideally suited to most verticals (automotive, F&B to oil & gas) thanks to the smooth and rugged front, even in hazardous areas (see technical specifications)
  • For intuitive, fast and very easy operation with minimum wiring
  • Language-neutral feedback with multi-color LEDs in the keys, even readable in sunlight
  • Extensions possible when built-in, without the need for cutting tools
  • Special-purpose machine manufacturing benefits from the high degree of flexibility
Mfr. Part No. Description
6AV3688-3AY36-0AX0 DP direct LEDs (LEDs as S7 output I/O), 8; Adjustable brightness
6AV3688-3AF37-0AX0 Membrane keyboard, user-definable label membrane keys, Yes
6AV3688-3EH47-0AX0 Short-stroke keys, Number of short-stroke keys, 32
6AV3688-3XY38-3AX0 With parameterizable keys, No


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