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Manufacturer: Simatic
  • Touch Panel with stainless steel front (DIN EN 1672-2) for additional increased requirements, e.g. in the food and beverages industry
  • Comprehensive functionality for operator control and monitoring of machines and plants
  • Pixel-graphics display with analog touch screen
  • 5.7" STN Color
  • All interfaces for communication with Siemens SIMATIC S7 (e.g. MPI, PROFIBUS DP) are on board
  • PROFINET interface already on-board in color version
  • Drivers are also available for non-Siemens controllers
  • Content of message buffer is retained even when panel is disconnected without batteries
Features Applications Model
  • Reduction of service and commissioning costs due to:
  • Backup/restore via a process interface or optionally via a Multimedia Card
  • Download of the image and configuration across all device interfaces
  • Maintenance-free design and long service life of backlit display
  • Data in the message buffer is retained even if panel is switched off, without battery.
  • Can be used worldwide:
  • 32 languages can be configured (incl. Asian and Cyrillic character sets)
  • Online language can be selected directly on the device
  • Graphics library available with off-the-shelf picture objects
  • Standard interfaces for increasing the flexibility:
  • Ext. Multimedia Card, can be used for recipe data records and backing up of configuration/system data;
  • Integrated USB interface for connecting, for example, standard printers
  • Simple engineering supported by comprehensive documentation on the SIMATIC HMI Manual Collection DVD
  • Integral component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA):
  • Increase of productivity, minimization of engineering overhead, reduction of lifecycle costs
  • Due to the stainless steel front of the panel, it can also be optimally used in the food and beverages and pharmaceutical industries. Its front is designed such that it can be cleaned and disinfected easily. Furthermore, liquids flow off automatically from the front. In addition, the stainless steel front (including gasket) provides protection against contamination by foods.

Thanks to their practical functions and large user memory, TP 177B INOX Touch Panels can be used wherever operator control and monitoring of machines and plants is necessary on site – whether in production automation, process automation, or building-services automation. The TP 177B INOX has a 5.7" STN display with 256 colors and features an integrated PROFINET I/O interface. A USB interface is standard. A further highlight is the non-volatile message buffer included as standard that stores messages permanently without battery backup.

The TP 177B INOX has been designed for all industries that require a stainless steel front. The front can be disinfected and does not affect the quality e.g. of foods (assuming regular cleaning). Cleaning can be carried out using pressurized water with a jet of 100 l/min at 1 bar from a distance of 2.5 to 3 m. Liquids flow off automatically from the front.

Mfr. Part No. Description
6AV6642-0BA01-1AX1 Mechanically active substances, compliance with EN 60721-3-3, Class 3S4 incl. sand, dust.
6AG642-0BC01-4AX1 Air pressure (depending on the highest positive temperature range specified) 1 080 ... 795 hPa (-1 000 ... +2 000 m)
6AV6642-0BC01-1AX1 Ambient temperature range, 0 ... +50 °C
6AV6642-0BD01-3AX0 Ambient temperature range, -10 ... +60 °C
6AG1642-0BC01-4AX1 Product type designation, TP 177B Bluemode
6AG1642-0BA01-4AX1 Chemically active substances, compliance with EN 60721-3-3
6AG1642-0BD01-2AX0 Ambient temperature range, -10 ... +60 °C


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