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Panasonic GT707 Programmable Display

Panasonic GT707 Programmable Display
Manufacturer: Panasonic

Wide screen, small body

7 inch width in space of a 5.7 inch!

As small-size touch panels have significantly improved their image quality, easy to read displays with sharp characters are no longer special features these days.

Instead, programmable displays will evolve with maximum "user-friendliness" in various applications with PCs or other devices.

As shown below, our touch panels exchange and store data using SD memory card, data for many applications.

Features Model
  • 7 inch type can be placed in the space of a 5.7 inch type.
  • Since 7 inch type can fit in a 5.7 inch type space, the screen shows more and the product looks greater.
  • Body dimensions comparison
  • 7 inch, 65,536 colors TFT color LCD equipped with long life LED backlight
  • Easy-to-view screen thanks to use of a TFT LCD with contrast ratio of 500 : 1.
  • Slim frame and body
  • Designed for easy installation with slim frame and body compared to LCD
  • Device monitor shows PLC status without a PC
  • You can directly check PLC devices from the Programmable Display without having to use a PC (FPWIN GR / FPWIN GR7). The device monitor is easily viewed from the system menu, which eliminates the bother of screen creation (except FP7).
Mfr. Part No. Description
AIG707WCL1G2 Display device, TFT color LCD
AIG05GQ03D Power supply, 24VDC
AIG05GQ04D Power supply, 24VDC
AIG05GQ05D Power supply, 24VDC
AIG05SQ02D Power supply, 24VDC
AIG05SQ03D Power supply, 24VDC
AIG05SQ04D Power supply, 24VDC
AIG05SQ05D Power supply, 24VDC


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