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Horner TIU100/110/200 HMI

Horner TIU100/110/200 HMI
Manufacturer: Horner

This Operator Interface line of products offers amazing versatility, supporting over 100 brands of PLC's, drives, and an array of peripheral devices. Graphic interface expands the unit's features even more.

The TIU 100, 110 range offers 128x64 Pixels Semi Graphics Screen. TIU 100 with it's 4 navigation keys is perfect for small/medium applications. If more sophisticated control is needed then TIU 110 with it's alphanumeric keypad and TIU 200 with 240x128 Pixels Graphics and IO support are available options.

Features Model
  • Large Display - Provides full, clear information rather than having to abbreviate your messages
  • Operator Friendly - Displays information in a format that your operator will understand.
  • Easy to use Software - Windows based Cbreeze software allows simple setup of your machine and adjustment of your data, timers, counters, as well as stop, start, jog functions and math programming.
  • Future Proof - Flash memory allows the product to be upgraded by just downloading new features from your PC.
  • Quality - Horner Electric's reputation for quality and innovation is backed by over a decade of experience in HMIs, PLCs, and drives.
Mfr. Part No. Description
HE500TIU050 Programming Port, RS232 Standard
HE500TIU10X Communication Port, 232/485 1
HE500TIU11X Flash Ram, 256 k Words
HE500TIU20X Memory Upgrade, 1 Meg Words


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