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Simatic S7 HMI

Simatic S7 HMI
Manufacturer: Simatic

Unlike PPI connections, MPI connections are static connections that are set up during booting and then monitored.

In principle this type of information exchange between SIMATIC Panels and SIMATIC S7 is independent of the network used, PPI, MPI/PROFIBUS or Industrial Ethernet: SIMATIC Panels are S7 clients and SIMATIC S7 CPUs are S7 servers.

Features Model

Interface between one or more SIMATIC Panels (MPI master) and one or more S7-1200/S7-1500/S7-300/S7-400s or WinAC (MPI master) (possible network topology: MPI/PROFIBUS or Industrial Ethernet, TCP/IP)

Interface between one or a number of SIMATIC Panels (MPI master) and one or a number of S7-200s (MPI slave)1) (possible network topology: PPI, MPI/PROFIBUS)

Mfr. Part No. Description
S7-1200 Mobile Panel connection via special connecting cable and junction box
S7-1500 Controllers can be combined as desired
S7-300 Basic Panel PN and Mobile Panel 177 PN only
S7-400 Basic Panel DP and Mobile Panel 177 DP only
S7-200 Connection via integrated MPI/PROFIBUS interface; in the case of a standard PC, a communications processor (CP) is to be used (e.g. CP 5611 A2)


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