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Simatic MP277 HMI

Simatic MP277 HMI
Manufacturer: Simatic

SIPLUS extreme products are based on SIMATIC standard products. The contents listed here were adopted from the respective standard products. SIPLUS extreme specific information was added.

Features Model
  • Multi Panels (MP) are deployed on-site - like Operator Panels - for machine operation and monitoring
  • Content of message buffer is retained even when panel is disconnected, without batteries
  • PLC functionality can be directly integrated into the MP 277 platform using option
  • Their functionality can be expanded by installing additional Windows CE applications (Multi Panel and Panel options)
  • The SIMATIC MP 277 combine on the basis of Windows CE the robustness of operator panels with the flexibility of PCs
  • Pixel-graphics 7.5" or 10.4" TFT display, color (64k colors)
  • MP 277 8" and MP 277 10" Touch:
  • Touchscreen (analog/resistive)
  • MP 277 8" Key:
  • 38 system keys, 26 user-configurable and freely inscribable function keys (18 with LEDs)
  • MP 277 10" Key:
  • 38 system keys, 36 user-configurable and freely inscribable function keys (28 with LEDs)
  • The MP 277 is also available with a stainless steel front and therefore meets the high requirements of the food and beverage industry, for example.
  • All interfaces on-board, such as MPI, PROFIBUS DP, USB, PROFINET (Ethernet TCP/IP)
Mfr. Part No. Description
6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1 Relative humidity, 100%, condensation/frost permitted. No commissioning in bedewed state.
6AG1643-0CD01-4AX1 Conformal coating, Coating of the printed circuit boards and the electronic components
6AV6643-0ED01-2AX0 Product Lifecycle (PLM), PM400:Phase Out Started


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