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Horner NX HMI

Horner NX HMI
Manufacturer: Horner

The NX is a low-cost, high-performance all-in-one controller with embedded features such as Ethernet, CompactFlash and Web server. It uses Horner APG's industry-recognised Cscape software and the complete selection of SmartStack I/O -that can be snapped on the back of the NX controller or mounted remotely along with SmartStix I/O. An NX can control many

different types of machines and processes - from medium to large applications - requiring an operator interface, controller, I/O and networking.

NX range offers exceptional value for money. Available in two screen sizes (128x64 and 240x128) with an optional touch screen it has full monochrome graphics capabilities and supports all the SmartStack modules. This I/O capability coupled with the dual protocol capabilities and Ethernet support, makes the NX a fantastic systems gateway.

The TIU with its simple scripting language and native HMI integration makes designing a new operator panel a much easier and faster job. With support for over 120 protocols the TIU is an ideal candidate for any retrofit job where more functionality is required.

The operator interface used in the NX series is a high visibility graphics monchrome LC-Display with green adjustable backlight offering excellent readability to the user in the most difficult conditions.

Features Applications Model
  • 128x64 or 240x128 LCD screen.
  • Configurable function keys
  • Two serial ports plus optional Fieldbus ports.
  • Standard CompactFlash support.
  • Optional Ethernet port.

Their high level of integration ensures that the NX models offer unprecedented performance in a very compact unit programmed by a single IEC61131-3 software package, Cscape. The NX can function as an ideal gateway between the shop-floor and your enterprise systems due to its on-board fieldbus and Ethernet and the support for two independent serial protocols. The integrated CompactFlash slot allows easy upgrades of your applications while also extending your storage capabilities for recipes’ data and process data logging. It can also be used to store your web pages and graphics etc. once the built-in web-server is enabled. This allows you to design independent pages from the user interface in order to provide remote users with an overview of your process without affecting the operator interface.

Mfr. Part No. Description
NX220T Application Programming Environment, Cbreeze Software
NX221T Web Server, No
NX250T Ladder Logic Memory, 256 kB
NX251T Register (Reference) Memory, 32 kB


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