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Kinco MT5000 HMI

Kinco MT5000 HMI
Manufacturer: Kinco
  • TFT display, 65K colors, 520MHZ RISC CPU
  • USB host and SD card, audio out and video Input
  • Profibus-DP, CANopen and MPI extend card are optional, high-speed bus communication
Features Model
  • Display 5.6" TFT
  • Resolution 320*234
  • Color 65536
  • Backlight LED
  • Brightness 300cd/m2
  • Backlight life 50000 hours
  • Touch Panel 4-wire precision resistance network
  • Processor 32-bit 520MHz RISC
  • Memory 16M FLASH + 32M SDRAM
  • Expandable memory 1 SD Card, 2 U Disks
  • Recipe memory & RTC 512KB + RTC
  • Printer port USB/Serial port
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
  • Audio Interface None
  • Video Interface None
  • Program download 1 USB SLAVE Port
  • COM port COM0:RS232/RS485-2/4, COM1:RS232/RS485-2/4 COM2:RS232
  • Expansion Port None support
Mfr. Part No. Description
MT5320CHMI Display, 5.6" TFT
MT5320C-DPHMI Color, 65536 Colors
MT5320C-CANHMI Memory, 16M FLASH + 32M SDRAM
MT5320C-MPIHMI Resolution, 320*234
MT5323THMI Backlight, LED
MT5323T-DPHMI Brightness, 700cd/m2
MT5323T-CANHMI Backlight life, 50000 hours
MT5323T-MPIHMI Touch Panel, 4-wire precision resistance network
MT5423THMI Expandable memory, 1 SD Card, 2 U Disks
MT5423T-DPHMI Recipe memory & RTC, 512KB + RTC
MT5423T-CANHMI Touch Panel, 4-wire precision resistance network
MT5423T-MPIHMI Brightness, 300cd/m2
MT5520THMI Video Interface, None
MT5520T-DPHMI Processor, 32-bit 520MHz RISC
MT5520T-CANHMI Program download, 1 USB SLAVE Port
MT5520T-MPIHMI Audio Interface, 1 Audio Output Interface
MT5620THMI Display, 12.1″TFT
MT5620T-DPHMI Color, 65536 Colors
MT5620T-MPIHMI Backlight, 2CCFL
MT5720THMI Brightness, 250cd/m2
MT5720T-DPHMI Backlight life, 50000 hours
MT5720T-CANHMI Memory, 16M FLASH + 32M SDRAM
MT5720T-MPIHMI Touch Panel, 4-wire precision resistance network


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