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Simatic 277 Mobile Panel

Simatic 277 Mobile Panel
Manufacturer: Simatic
  • The SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277 is generally provided for optional PROFIBUS or PROFINET communication. No distinction is made at device level.
  • Features
  • This means the device can either be operated
  • for the communication via MPI/PROFIBUS with the DP cables and connection to the DP "Basic" or "Plus" connection boxes or
  • for the communication via PROFINET with the PN cables and connection to the PN "Basic" or "Plus" connection boxes
Features Model
Mfr. Part No. Description
6AV6645-0CA01-0AX0 Resolution (WxH in pixel), 640 x 480
6AV6645-0CB01-0AX0 Control elements, Keys and Touch
6AV6645-0CC01-0AX0 Function keys, 18 function keys, 18 with LEDs
6AV6645-0BE02-0AX0 Control elements, Touch


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