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ABB CP600 Operator Panel

ABB CP600 Operator Panel
Manufacturer: ABB

The CP600 series, ABB’s latest HMI, is now available at a larger range, starting from the entry level (4.3”) to the high-end panel (15”). It is highly flexible and is specifically designed for advanced applications in complex systems or processes. Using premium graphic panels created with either the Panel Builder 600 engineering software or the web browser panels via the PLC Webserver, the CP600 series allow more effective representation of information to ease human machine interaction.

Features Model
  • The new HMI range is fully compatible with AC500 PLC reducing your implementation cost
  • Importing the PS501 tags from AC500 programs into Panel Builder 600 to build a standardized system is simple
  • The wide screen 16:9, Portrait & Landscape on CP620 or CP635 allows enhanced performance and user experience
Mfr. Part No. Description
1SAP520100R0001 Resolution, 480 x 272
1SAP530100R0001 Resolution, 320 x 240
1SAP535100R0001 Resolution, 800 x 480
1SAP550100R0001 Resolution, 800 x 600
1SAP560100R0001 Resolution, 800 x 600
1SAP575100R0001 Resolution, 1024 x 768
1SAP520200R0001 Resolution, 480 x 272
1SAP530200R0001 Resolution, 320 x 240
1SAP535200R0001 Resolution, 800 x 480
1SAP550200R0001 Resolution, 800 x 600
1SAP560200R0001 Resolution, 800 x 600
1SAP 575 200 R0001 Resolution, 1024 x 768


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