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Beijer EXTER M70 Handheld Operator Panel

Beijer EXTER M70 Handheld Operator Panel
Manufacturer: Beijer

Handheld operator panel saves time and manpower

Weighing only 1.3 kg, the ergonomically designed EXTER M70 puts control at your fingertips, providing a handheld interface for on-the-spot usability in every critical area of your automated industrial processes. The EXTER M70 features a prominent red emergency off-switch on the front for fast and easy process stops. An enabling switch guarantees the avoidance of accidental key-pressing during operations, while password-protected security levels help prevent any unauthorized use. Vibration and shock resistant, the robust and versatile EXTER M70 has full teach panel capabilities, possesses all the relevant UL certification for robotics and is easily configured with the user-friendly software tool Information Designer.

Features Model
  • Optimal viewing and control
  • With 640 x 480 pixels, this high-resolution 6.5" TFT-display ensure optimal viewing in all conditions as well as large viewing angles, with the handheld panel featuring 8 function keys for complete process control.
  • The front enclosure is IP65 classified.
Mfr. Part No. Description
M70 6,5'' Handheld Graphic Key HMI


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