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Simatic INOX Flat Panel

Simatic INOX Flat Panel
Manufacturer: Simatic

Flat Panel 15" Touch INOX, Flat Panel 15" Touch INOX (enclosed), Flat Panel 19" Touch INOX, Flat Panel 19" Touch INOX (enclosed)

The Flat Panels with touch screen and stainless steel front are designed as a display and operating unit for SIMATIC PCs in the food and beverages industry, pharmaceuticals and related industries.

They are easy to clean and can be installed in production areas subjected to splashes in a suitable control cabinet.

Features Model
  • Functions compatible with the SIMATIC HMI Standard Flat Panels
  • Enclosure seal EPDM, sulfur-free
  • Decorative membrane laminated over display, no display cutout
  • 240 grain brushed stainless steel surface
Mfr. Part No. Description
6AV7486-2TA10-1AA0 Net Weight (kg), 3,000 Kg
6AV7486-4TA01-0AA0 Packaging Dimension, 51,00 x 63,00 x 24,00
6AV7486-4TA11-0AA0 Packaging Dimension, 53,00 x 62,00 x 22,00


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