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Hitech PWS HMI

Hitech PWS HMI
Manufacturer: Hitech

The PWS series offers valuable fundamental HMI functionality. The series include keypad and touchscreen interfaces and will be available in five different sizes from 3 to 10.4 inches. Offering three levels of functionality – Standard, Plus and Network – the PW 6000 series enables you to select and pay for what level of HMI technology you need. The Standard version includes most software and hardware requirements for an operator terminal in its size. The Plus version has the same functionality as the Standard version, as well as extended memory for data/recipe handling and a multi-function port for a printer. The Network version is a Plus version with an integrated Ethernet networking port

Features Model
  • LCD Type : Mono STN LCD
  • Screen Size : 3" inch
  • Display Resolution : 160 x 80
  • Brightness (cd/m2) : 35
  • CPU : 32 bits RISC
  • Contrast Adjustment : Via VR
  • Display COlors : 16 shades of gray
  • Back Light Type : LED
  • Back Light Life : 50,000 hours
  • Operation Status LED : PWS & COM2 LEDs
  • Touch Screen : NO
Mfr. Part No. Description
PWS6300S-S Operation Status LED, PWS & COM2 LEDs
PWS6310S-S Data Storage (CF Card), NO
PWS6400F-S Touch Screen (number of times), >1,000,000
PWS6400F-P RTC (w/rechargeable lithium battery), YES
PWS6500S-S Data/Recipe, NO
PWS6560S Touch Screen, Via External Keyboard (Sold Separately)
PWS5610S-S Battery backed memory, 256 KB (Replaceable Lithium Battery)
PWS5610T-S Backlight Life, 30,000 hrs
PWS6600S-S External Dimensions (mm), 195.0 (W) x 145.0 (H) x 59.1 (D)
PWS6600S-P Back Light Type, CCFT
PWS6600S-N Brightness (cd/m2), 110
PWS6600C-S Keypad, 1 Menu Key And 5 User-Defined Function Keys (F1-F5)
PWS6600C-P CPU, 32 bits RISC
PWS6600C-N Back Light Type, CCFT
PWS6600T-S Back Light Life, 60,000 hours
PWS6600T-P Display Resolution, 320 x 240
PWS6600T-N Back Light Life, 60,000 hours
PWS6620S-P Brightness (cd/m2), 110
PWS6620S-N Keypad, 1 Menu Key And 5 User-Defined Function Keys (F1-F5)
PWS6620T-P External Dimensions (mm), 195.0 (W) x 145.0 (H) x 59.1 (D)
PWS6620T-N Back Light Life, 60,000 hours


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