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Simatic KTP Comfort Panel

Simatic KTP Comfort Panel
Manufacturer: Simatic
  • Ideal entry-level series from 3" to 15" for operating and monitoring compact machines and systems
  • Clear process representation thanks to use of pixel-graphics displays
  • Intuitive operation using Touch and tactile function keys
  • Equipped with all the necessary basic functions such as alarm logging, recipe management, plots, vector graphics, and language switching
  • Simple connection to the controller via integral Ethernet interface or separate version with RS 485/422
  • Faster commissioning thanks to integrated diagnostics viewer and IP setting for SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs
Features Model
  • Integral component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA):
  • Increased productivity, minimum engineering overhead, reduction in life-cycle costs
  • Can be used even where installation space is restricted thanks to vertical configuring (4" and 6" devices)
  • Short configuring and commissioning times
  • Service-friendly thanks to maintenance-free design and long service life of the backlighting display
  • Simple and user-friendly representation of process values thanks to, for example, input/output fields, vector graphics, trend curves, bar charts, text and bitmaps
  • Graphics library available with off-the-shelf picture objects
  • Can be used worldwide:
  • 32 languages can be configured (incl. Asian and Cyrillic character sets)
  • You can switch between up to 5 languages online
  • Language-dependent texts and graphics
Mfr. Part No. Description
6AG1124-2DC01-4AX0 Number of colors, 16777216
6AG1124-0GC01-4AX0 Design of display, TFT
6AG1124-0JC01-4AX0 Number of function keys, 0
6AG1124-0MC01-4AX0 Design as touch screen, Yes
6AG1124-1DC01-4AX0 Horizontal image resolution, 480 Pixel
6AG1124-1GC01-4AX0 Screen diagonal, 7in
6AG1124-1JC01-4AX0 Screen diagonal, 9in
6AG1124-1MC01-4AX0 Screen diagonal, 12.1in
6AG1124-1QC02-4AX0 Screen diagonal, 15.4in
6AG1124-0QC02-4AX0 Number of colors, 16777216
6AG1124-0UC02-4AX0 Horizontal image resolution, 768 Pixel
6AG1124-0XC02-4AX0 Horizontal image resolution, 1080 Pixel


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