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Cermate T Enhanced HMI

Cermate T Enhanced HMI
Manufacturer: Cermate

Build in USB host and USB client

IP65F Equivalent Front Panel with Function Keys.

Built-in Fanless, Reliable and High Function RISC 32-bits CPU.

Provides CCFL backlight / LED backlight / Color TFT LCD.

Provides standard 128KB battery backup memory for Alarm、Recipe、Data Recording Using (Max.: 1MB).

Supports Multi-Languages、Unicode & BMP、JPG、GIF graphic formats.

Provides accommodative Software, “PanelMaster”.

Customize Logo / Membrane Design and BIOS for users.

High Quality Control and 100% Product Test.

Features Model
  • 15” W ide Screen HMI Panels
  • Powerful, Reliable, and Easy-to-configure
  • Energy Saving and Eco-friendly
Mfr. Part No. Description
PT150-XSD4B-G6R1 Backup SRAM, 128KB (Optional: 1MB)
PT104-TST Touch Panel, 4-wire Analog Resistive Type
PT100-WST Backup SRAM, 128KB (Optional: 1MB)
PT080-TST Max. Colors, 16-bit
PT070-WST Touch Panel, 4-wire Analog Resistive Type
PT043-WST Working Memory, 32MB
PT043-WSP Real-Time Clock (RTC), YES
PT043-WSK Touch Panel, N/A


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