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Simatic 277(F) IWLAN Mobile Panel

Simatic 277(F) IWLAN Mobile Panel
Manufacturer: Simatic
  • The required IWLAN infrastructure is set up using the SCALANCE W-700 IWLAN Access Points, preferably with the SCALANCE W-700 variant that has two wireless cards built into the device (Dual Access Point) and KEY-PLUG W700 iFeatures which supports the application options of the Mobile Panel 277(F) IWLAN.
  • The iPCF-MC functionality (rapid roaming = fast, uninterrupted switchover between multiple access points) is only available with panels in version V2 or higher.
  • The Access Point provides an Industrial Ethernet interface for connection to the wired network.
  • In addition to a reliable radio link, the SCALANCE W-700 Access Points stand out due to their optimum support of standardized IT mechanisms
Features Model
  • IEEE 802.11b/ g/ a/ h for different frequency ranges
  • IEEE 802.11e for multimedia, wireless multimedia (WMM) 1)
  • IEEE 802.11i for security 1)
  • Construction of redundant networks with the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
  • Virtual networks (VLAN) to logically separate, for example, different user groups
  • Sending the log entries of the SCALANCE W devices to a Syslog server
Mfr. Part No. Description
6AV6645-0DD01-0AX1 Resolution (WxH in pixel), 640 x 480
6AV6645-0DE01-0AX1 MTBF backlighting (at 25 °C), 50 000 h
6AV6645-0EB01-0AX1 Control elements, Keys and Touch
6AV6645-0EC01-0AX1 Function keys, 18 function keys, 18 with LEDs
6AV6645-0EF01-0AX1 Number of function keys, 18
6AV6645-0FD01-0AX1 Touch operation, Design as touch screen, Yes; analog, resistive
6AV6645-0FE01-0AX1 Connection for mouse/keyboard/barcode reader, USB / USB / USB
6AV6645-0GB01-0AX1 Emergency stop button (forced blocking), Yes
6AV6645-0GC01-0AX1 Acknowledgement button, No
6AV6645-0GF01-0AX1 Illuminated pushbutton, No


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