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Simatic MP177 HMI

Simatic MP177 HMI
Manufacturer: Simatic

The MP 177 6" Touch is also available with a WinAC MP 177 as a package. WinCC flexible 2008 SP1 Compact, Standard, or Advanced is required for configuring the MP 177.

Features Applications Model
  • Like operator panels, multi panels (MP) are used for controlling and monitoring machines locally.
  • The buffer content and the retentive WinAC MP data are retained even when the panels are switched off and no battery is present
  • PLC functionality can be integrated directly into the MP 177 platform as an option
  • Multi Panels can be usefully expanded through the Sm@rtService and Sm@rtAccess options
  • Pixel-graphics 5.7" TFT display, color (64k colors)
  • All interfaces on-board such as MPI, PROFIBUS DP, USB, PROFINET (Ethernet TCP/IP)
  • Multi panels are used in the most diverse industries and applications. Their usage can be expanded by means of options, e.g. integration of the PLC functionality by means of WinAC MP 177. The software PLC is customized for small and mid-sized applications.
  • The diskless and fanless design enables implementation in areas where high vibration or dust load limits the operation of a PC. Maintenance-free data management ensures backup of all important data even when disconnected.
Mfr. Part No. Description
6AG1642-0BD01-4AX0 Range of ambient temperature, 0 ... + 50 °C
6AG1642-0EA01-3AX0 Conformal coating, Coating of the printed circuit boards and the electronic components
6AG1642-0EA01-4AX0 Control elements, Touch screen


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