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Beijer EXTER Graphic Touch HMI

Beijer EXTER Graphic Touch HMI
Manufacturer: Beijer

Touch operated panels with IP66 classified front enclosure, which means that it is water-proof even when exposed to high-pressure washing. All models feature multiple communication ports, including Ethernet, and support for communication expansion modules.

The EXTER touch panels offer comprehensive HMI functionality such as recipes and remote access, and are configured with the same software tool. For a complete list of functionality and hardware specifications, please click on the individual models below.

Features Model
  • Suitable for most applications
  • The built-in comprehensive HMI functionality and communication options in the IP66 classed enclosure, make this panel suitable for most industrial applications.
  • All EXTER operator panels are configured with the software tool Information Designer.
Mfr. Part No. Description
T150 Front panel, W x H x D 398 x 304 x 6 mm
T100 Front panel, W x H x D 302 x 228 x 6 mm
T70 Front panel, W x H x D 219 x 154 x 6 mm
T60 Front panel, W x H x D 202 x 152 x 6 mm
T60m Cut out dimensions, 180 x 130 mm
T40 Front panel, W x H x D 155.8 x 119 x 6 mm
T40m Cut out dimensions, 139 x 105


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