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Beijer MT Marine Monitor

Beijer MT Marine Monitor
Manufacturer: Beijer

MT series monitors are specially designed for our sea-faring customers. These black monitors are available with or without touch-screen and offers specific functions to satisfy the automation and navigational needs on-board.

Monitors may be combined with a maritime EPC box or a conventional PC. The mounting depth is small in order to facilitate installation in tight spaces. The MT series offers a display of the highest quality, including dimmer function that makes it possible to adapt the visualization day or night.

Features Model
  • For various voltage requirements a selection of monitors is available with antireflective glass or reliable resistive touch display, equipped with 24 VDC or a 110-230 VAC widerange power supply. The rugged design is developed for specifics of marine requirements. The MTe maritime monitors have various certifications for major classification societies.
  • Network dimming functionality
  • The e series (enhanced) maritime monitors excel with extended functionality. The brightness can be steplessly dimmed to zero via the illuminated front buttons, the serial interface or the USB interface. Optionally, remote dimming is possible via Ethernet.
  • LED backlight technology
  • The LED backlight eliminates the use of high voltage components e.g. neon tubes and inverters that can cause fault liability. You have a more evenly lighting with LED stripes compared to tube backlight units. Infinitely variable display dimming down to zero is an essential feature at bridges on vessels and control rooms with night operation conditions.
Mfr. Part No. Description
MTeT240 24'' maritime monitor, touch or glass with external keyboard
MTeT190 19'' maritime monitor, touch or glass with external keyboard
MTeT170 17'' maritime monitor, touch or glass with external keyboard
MTeT150 15'' maritime monitor, touch or glass with external keyboard


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