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Omron NSA Industrial PC

Omron NSA Industrial PC
Manufacturer: Omron

The NSA-series Industrial PC is a panel-mountable computer equipped with a Celeron M Processor and featuring a touch panel (input), display (output), and RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) functions.

Features Model
  • High-speed CPU and Chipset with Integrated Graphic Core
  • The NSA-series Industrial PC is equipped with a 1.3 GHz Celeron M Processor that has a built-in 512-Kbyte L2 cache. It also features a chipset with an integrated graphic core that produces sharp images and vivid, realistic graphics. The NSA-series Industrial PC maintains optimal performance through distributed processing that makes efficient and balanced use of both the graphics and system memory.
  • High-performance Display
  • The XGA color LCD featured in the NSA-series Industrial PC is a high-contrast, high-resolution TFT display.
  • Thin Profile
  • Even when the display section is included, an NSA-series Industrial PC (NSA12 models) has a thin profile with a thickness of only 100 mm.
  • Waterproof Construction
  • The front panel is rated the equivalent of IP65 for waterproofing.
  • Network Functions
  • Network connection is quick and easy because each NSA-series Industrial PC comes with a 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX Ethernet Connector as standard equipment.
Mfr. Part No. Description
NSA12/15-TX01B OS, Preinstalled Windows XP Embedded
NSA12/15-TX01S Processor, 1.3 GHz Intel Celeron M Processor
NSA12/15-TX01B-E Storage device, Type, DiskOnModule (flash memory)
NSA12/15-TX01B-02E Storage device, Capacity, 2 or 4 Gbytes (See notes 6 and 7.)
NSA12/15-TX01S-E Storage device, Service life (write cycles), 100,000 cycles to the same sector
NSA12/15-TX01S-02E Main memory, 512-Mbyte or 1-GB DDR-SDRAM (No-ECC)
NSA15-TX01B-01E Cache memory, 512 Kbyte Level 2 cache memory (built into the CPU)
NSA15-TX01S-01E Display panel, Type, TFT color LCD


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