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Horner NTIU300 HMI

Horner NTIU300 HMI
Manufacturer: Horner

Colour-Touch TIU300 Series - A powerful HMI for Drives, PLC's and Other Serial Devices.

The TIU300 series adds a Touchscreen capability to the TIU product line which now extends from 2 line text to Colour Touchscreen.

The operator interface featured on the OCS300 series is a quarter VGA (320x240) monochromatic or colour LCD display (STN or TFT), with a resistive 5.7" touchscreen with one dedicated and five configurable function buttons. This combination offers the advantages of both a touchscreen and a function key based unit. The TIU300 series is programmed with the Windows based Cbreeze programming software. The same Programming Software is used across the entire TIU Range.

Features Model
  • 2 Serial Ports
  • With 2 Serial ports the TIU300 provides for the ability to run Modbus Master/Slave or CsCan or any of our 100 serial protocols from each of the two ports whilst using the third port to programme the unit.
  • Mini Centronics Printer Port
  • As well as 2 Serial ports we have also included a printer port to give you connectivity to popular printers like Epson and HP
  • Free OPC Server Provides Connectivity
  • All TIU units excluding the TIU050 make use of Horners OPC Server Software. Connecting via the Serial port this software allows the unit to easily connect to Microsoft Applications and Capture , Log and Display Data.
  • Fieldbus Units under Development
  • Like the rest of the TIU range the TIU300 will be available with popular fieldbuses - keep and eye on our web for details.
  • and Larger Screens...
  • 8", 10" and 12" Screen sizes are also available in VGA and SVGA Formats
Mfr. Part No. Description
HE500TIU300 5.7" Touch Screen TIU with Mono Display
HE500TIU310 5.7" Colour Touch Screen with STN Display
HE500TIU320 5.7" Colour Touch Screen with TFT Display


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