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Toshiba QX7 18 pulse ASD Low Voltage Drive

Toshiba QX7 18 pulse ASD Low Voltage Drive
Manufacturer: Toshiba

The QX7 adjustable speed drive is an advanced AC drive featuring a patented 18 pulse auto transformer input for harmonic cancellation. The QX7 includes a backlit graphical LCD screen, RS232/RS485 ports, and a programming/ speed control encoder knob. Standard features include; auto transformer, input fuses, ground lug, customer terminal block, door mounted electronic operator interface, power on pilot light, run pilot light, fault pilot light, Hand/Off/Auto selector switch, red push button that turns to reset emergency stop, ASD – RTC real time clock option, and ASD-ISO-1 analog isolator.

Features Model Document
  • Patented 18-Pulse Design
  • Small Footprint
  • Powerful, User-Friendly Operator Interface
  • Variety of Communication Options
  • Small Footprint with Uniform 24 Depth
  • Top or Bottom Cable Entry/Exit
  • Proven Toshiba ASD Technology
  • Meets IEEE-519 Guidelines without Adding Filters
  • Produces a Ripple-Free Voltage on DC Bus
  • Clean Sinusoidal Input Current Waveform
  • Up to 60% Reduction in Transformer Losses
Mfr. Part No. Description
QX7 Three-Phase, 460 V Input Auto-Transformer, 18-Pulse, IGBT Output


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