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Toshiba H7 Low Voltage Standard Duty Industrial Drive

Toshiba H7 Low Voltage Standard Duty Industrial Drive
Manufacturer: Toshiba

The H7 adjustable speed drive is ready for continuous, trouble-free operation in demanding manufacturing environments. It features open- or closed-loop true torque control, which is Toshiba's vector algorithm that enables motors to develop high starting torque compensation for motor slip. A graphics-capable, back-lit LCD display, RS485/RS232 ports, and a programming/speed control encoder round off this advanced drive. The H7 is suitable for a variety of applications that require unparalleled motor control, rugged reliability, and a user-friendly operator interface.

Features Model Document
  • Ready for continuous, trouble free operation in the most demanding manufacturing environments.
  • Has an interrupting current rating of 200 KAIC.
  • Designed to operate with or without the use of DC link reactors. The robust capacitor bank ensures efficient operation.
  • Oversized power semiconductors provide higher tolerances and longer life.
  • Built-In Communications, Process Control
  • Electronic Operator Interface (EOI) features a multi-line, graphics capable, plain English, backlit LCD. A high-reliability rotary encoder makes programming easy.
Mfr. Part No. Description
H7 Model Range:3 - 150 HP, 5 - 400 HP, 3 - 15 HP, 20 - 350 HP


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