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LS iS5 Variable Frecuency Drive

LS iS5 Variable Frecuency Drive
Manufacturer: LS

The iS5 provides most popular communication interfaces such as Device Net, Profibus DP, Modbus-RTU, RS485 and F-Net (LS proprietary protocol for LS PLC communication).

The "DriveviewTM" software offers Window® based computer monitoring tool through RS-485 interface with graphic capture, keypad emulator, parameter edit, and text monitor. It is applicable for all LS inverters.

Features Applications Model Document
  • kW / Voltage Ratings: 0.75~55kW, 200-230VAC, 3 phase; 0.75~75kW, 380-480VAC, 3 phase
  • Selectable V/f, Sensorless vector, Sensored vector control (Optional)
  • Built-in process PID control
  • Optimum acceleration & deceleration for a maximum torque
  • APP parameter group for special operations;
  • Traverse, Multi Motor Control, DRAW
  • Multi-function I/O terminal:
  • Input: 27 functions / Output: 21 functions
  • Multi Motor Control (Up to 4 motors: Optional)
  • Motor parameter Auto-tuning
  • Parameter Read/Write function using a detachable LCD Keypad
  • 8 Preset speedsl
  • Extension I/O boards (Optional) : Sub-A, Sub-B,l Sub-C
  • Communication options:
  • Modbus RTU, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, RS485(LS Bus), Fnet(LS PLC link)
  • Built-in Dynamic braking transistor (Up to 7.5kW [10HP])
  • Monitoring & commissioning PC based software tool (Drive View)
  • Traverse
  • Draw
  • MMC (Mult Motor Control)
  • Converting
  • Material Handling
  • Web Processing
  • Fan/Pump Controls
  • Conveyors
  • Industrial Washing machine, etc.
Mfr. Part No. Description
SV008IS5-4 0.75kW / 1HP ,3-PHASE 380-460V
SV015IS5-4 1.5kW / 2HP , 3-PHASE 380-460V
SV022IS5-4 2.2kW / 3HP , 3-PHASE 380-460V
SV037IS5-4 3.7kW / 5HP , 3-PHASE 380-460V
SV055IS5-4 5.5kW / 7.5HP , 3-PHASE 380-460V
SV075IS5-4 7.5kW / 10HP , 3-PHASE 380-460V
SV110IS5-4 11kW / 15HP , 3-PHASE 380-460V
SV150IS5-4 15kW / 20HP , 3-PHASE 380-460V
SV185IS5-4 18.5kW / 25HP , 3-PHASE 380-460V
SV220IS5-4 22kW / 30HP , 3-PHASE 380-460V


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