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Omron G7 General Purpose Frequency Inverter

Omron G7 General Purpose Frequency Inverter
Manufacturer: Omron

World first three level inverter architecture

The G7 has the world's first 400V 3-level inverter architecture that eliminates or minimises the installation problems associated with IGBT switching (very long cable lengths, bearing currents and common-mode currents) and protects the entire motor-drive system. The G7 can be programmed using DriveWorksEZ™. This is a PC-based, object-orientated, user-friendly, graphical icon programming tool.

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  • 3-level control reduces voltage peaks on motor windings by up to 50%. There is no need for an AC reactor on long motor cables.
  • Flux-vector control. Excellent performance in open-loop mode with 150% torque at 0.3Hz.
  • Silent operation. No current de-rating in silent mode (high carrier frequency)
  • Wide selection of option cards: fieldbus, PLC unit, Mechatrolink, analogue and digital I/Os, etc.
  • Programming software: CX-drive for parameter configuration.
  • Rotary and stationary autotuning
  • High slip braking function
  • Energy saving function standard
  • LCD operator
  • Embedded OMRON PLC functionality with PLC option card
  • Standard RS-485 communications - Modbus
  • Fieldbus options: DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CANOpen, LONworks, ethernet
  • PC configuration tool CX-drive and DriveWorksEZ.
  • CE, UL, and cUL marking
  • Customised application software

High performance, long cable lines

Mfr. Part No. Description
CIMR-G7C20P41 3-phase, 200/208/220/230/240 V, 0.4Kw, IP20
CIMR-G7C27P51 3-phase, 200/208/220/230/240 V, 7.5Kw, IP20
CIMR-G7C20220 3-phase, 200/208/220/230/240 V, 22Kw, IP00
CIMR-G7C21100 3-phase, 200/208/220/230/240 V, 110Kw, IP00
CIMR-G7C40P71 3-phase, 380/400/415/440/460/480 V, 0.75Kw, IP20
CIMR-G7C40181 3-phase, 380/400/415/440/460/480 V, 18.5Kw, IP20
CIMR-G7C40550 3-phase, 380/400/415/440/460/480 V, 55Kw, IP00
CIMR-G7C43000 3-phase, 380/400/415/440/460/480 V, 300Kw, IP00


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