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Toshiba P9 Low Voltage Pumping Control Drive

Toshiba P9 Low Voltage Pumping Control Drive
Manufacturer: Toshiba

The Toshiba P9 low voltage adjustable speed drive is a revolution in pump control. By incorporating Toshiba's proprietary, ground-breaking Virtual Linear Pump (VLP™) Technology, the P9 directly, precisely, and linearly controls pressure, temperature, or flow. The P9 eliminates many obstacles users thought were an integral part of pump control and sets a new standard in ingenuity, performance, and ease-of-use for the pump industry.

Features Applications Model Document
  • Linearizes Traditional Non-Linear Pump Curve, Providing User’s System with Stable & Precise Variable Pumping Control
  • Solves Problem of Load-Balancing Over Multiple Pumps
  • Allows User to Configure System in Five Simple Steps, VLP Provides User with Complete Control in Only Minutes
  • Self-Calibrates & Eliminates Common Pump Anomalies
  • Protects Against Cavitation & Provides Thrust Bearing Protection
  • Maximizes Energy Savings on Variable Torque Loads

Bilge, Disc Flow, Mixed-Flow Impeller, Recessed Impeller, Slurry, Vertical Multi-Stage, Vertical Turbine, Water, Chemical, City Municipality, Coal Mine, Industrial Marine, Irrigation, Paper, Petroleum, Power Plant, Water/Wastewater

Mfr. Part No. Description
VT130P9U2010 230V, 0.5HP, 3.2VAC, Frame-2
VT130P9U2080 230V, 7.5HP, 22VAC, Frame-4
VT130P9U210K 230V, 100HP, 248VAC, Frame-9
VT130P9U2270 230V, 25HP, 68VAC, Frame-5B
VT130P9U4055 460V, 5HP, 7.6VAC, Frame-3
VT130P9U410K 460V, 100HP, 124VAC, Frame-8
VT130P9U4160 460V, 15HP, 21VAC, Frame-5A


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