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Toshiba VFS11 Low Voltage Standard Duty Micro Drive

Toshiba VFS11 Low Voltage Standard Duty Micro Drive
Manufacturer: Toshiba

The S11 adjustable speed drive is the next generation of micro drives. The S11 provides maximum torque with precise speed control and features an easy-to-use, quiet, and compact design. A removable terminal board, larger terminals, bidirectional speed search and PID control are just a few features that make this drive stand out against other micro drives. No other micro drive delivers such reliable performance and extensive capabilities at such a competitive price.

Features Applications Model

Powerful True Torque Control

- 250% Torque at 1.0Hz

- One-Step Motor Auto Tuning

- 0.1% Speed Regulation on 60:1 Speed Range

High Torque

Initial torque surpasses 1Hz-200%* at start up instantly from low speed. Smooth operation in the regeneration area and in the motoring area is possible through proprietary power vector control. Equipped with an energy savings mode, applications reach a higher level of efficiency.


Drooping–Configurable bipolar drooping with adjustable bandwidth

Volts / Hz–Constant torque, variable torque, automatic torque boost, sensorless vector, automatic energy savings, and permanent-magnet motor control

Start / Stop–Three-wire control, digital input, local panel, and communications

Frequency setting–Built-in potentiometer, 4-20mA, 0-10V, motor-operated pot, serial communication, and jog mode

Bidirectional Speed Search–Able to detect a spinning motor and start at that speed regardless of direction

PID control with built-in 24VDC power supply for process transducer

Dynamic brake chopper transistor standard on all models

Easy Maintenance

A warning signal is output to the display panel when the electrolytic capacitors on the main circuit, the cooling fan or the control board reach the replacement period. This is a valuable indicator, which can be used as a maintenance guideline. The cooling fan is replaced easily, and the automatic on/off function provides extended product life. Furthermore, this is a long-life inverter. Its main circuit capacitors are designed with a 10-year lifetime.* It is designed to be used in ambient temperatures up to 60˚C for maximum environmental resistance (with minimum current derating required).


The S11ʼs design gives you the ability to apply power, connect a motor and run right out of the box. It has an easy-to-use customer

terminal strip for integration into complicated applications, and its small footprint and side-by-side mounting capabilities make it an excellent OEM product.

Built-In EMI Noise Filter

The S11 is the best in its class when it comes to environmental considerations. All S11 units are equipped with a high attenuation EMI/RF noise filter. Single phase and 500 class devices include filters that bring the drive into compliance with Class A group 1 to satisfy the CE EMC directive.*


The S11 saves space with its reduced dimension compact design. Multiple units can be mounted side-by-side for high-density installation. The compact design does not hinder its capabilities. The high-level of functionality and user-friendly features of the S11 make it a top class inverter.

Conveyors, Fans, Food Processors, Lifts, Machine Tools, Mixers, Pumps, Food Processing, HVAC, Mining & Mineral, Oil & Gas

Mfr. Part No. Description
VFS11S-2004PL-WN 1 Phase, 240V, 0.4-2.2KW, 0.5-3HP
VFS11S-2022PL-WN 1 Phase, 240V, 0.4-2.2KW, 0.5-3HP
VFS11-2004PM-WN 3 Phase, 240V, 0.4 -15KW, 0.5-20HP
VFS11-2150PM-WN 3 Phase, 240V, 0.4 -15KW, 0.5-20HP
VFS11-4007PL-WN 3 Phase, 460V, 0.75-15KW, 1-20HP
VFS11-4150PL-WN 3 Phase, 460V, 0.75-15KW, 1-20HP
VFS11-6015P-WN 3 Phase, 575V, 1.5-15KW, 2-20HP
VFS11-6150P-WN 3 Phase, 575V, 1.5-15KW, 2-20HP


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