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Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 Medium Voltage AC Drive

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 Medium Voltage AC Drive
Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley

Allen-Bradley IEC PowerFlex 6000 Drives are particularly suitable for new and retrofit centrifugal fan and pump applications. These drives provide cost-effective solutions for motor control applications from 200 kW to 5600 kW and for motors rated from 3 kV to 10 kV. To achieve the low input harmonics and near-unity power factor that make this an ideal solution for standard motors, these drives use Cascaded "H" Bridge (CHB) topology. This topology combines an integrally mounted, phase-shifting isolation transformer with series-connected power modules for each phase.

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  • Includes multi-pulse IEC configuration:

    3/3.3 kV — 320/1720 kW (2300 Hp)

    4/4.16kV — 225/2350 kW (3150 Hp)

    6/6.6 kV — 200/3720 kW (4980 Hp)

    10 kV — 5600 kW (7500 Hp)

  • Includes multi-pulse UL configuration:

    2.3/2.4 kV — 140/670 kW (900 Hp)

    4/4.16 kV — 225/1190 kW (1600 Hp)

    6/6.6 kV — 300/1940 kW (2600 Hp)

  • Controls speed, with stop start of normal duty induction motors, to help improve asset utilization in your critical applications
  • Improves efficiency by operating near unity power factor throughout the speed range
  • Includes integrally mounted, multi-pulse isolation transformers to help ensure low line side harmonics and high input power factor which improves asset utilization
  • Includes automatic power cell bypass which helps achieve less downtime in your critical applications (UL configuration only)
  • Offers power modules designed for easy removal which minimizes Mean Time to Repair
  • Includes intuitive, easy to use color touchscreen HMI
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