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Aro S Cylinder

Aro S Cylinder
Manufacturer: Aro

Silverair round cylinders are designed for application in OEM and MRO applications where a disposable, light duty cylinder is preferred. Prelubed, they’re suitable for operations without externally applied lubrication. Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum, they stand up to the attack of corrosive environments.

Features Model
  • Silverair cylinders feature stainless steel (Series 304) barrels. Drawn and polished internal diameters have superior lube-holding characteristics for a low friction surface that gives smooth performance and outstanding cycle life.
  • Piston rods are centerless ground and polished Series 303 stainless steel, providing smooth rod movement.
  • Lightweight aluminum heads feature full flow ports for maximum air flow and smooth response.
  • Piston rod threads are roll formed to provide superior strength and durability.
  • U-cup design on piston seals provides continuous cylinder barrel contact, minimizes blow-by and offers longer seal life than O-ring piston seals.
  • The oil-permeated bronze rod bushing is precision ball sized for reduced friction and increased cylinder life.
  • Return springs on single-acting cylinders are made from a high tensile alloy for exceptional performance and long service life.
  • Silverair cylinders are prelubricated, so they’re ideal in applications where external lubrication can’t be supplied.
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