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SMC CE2 Cylinder

SMC CE2 Cylinder
Manufacturer: SMC

The CE2 series cylinder, through prediction control and a learning feature, is capable of highly reproducible positioning (stopping accuracy of ± 0.5mm). The brake mechanism, employing a combination spring and air pressure locking system, allows locking on either of the cylinder's reciprocating strokes. The CE2 measurement function, utilizing a magnetic scale rod and built-in detection head, provides a minimum unit of measure of 0.1mm.

Features Model
  • Brake mechanism added to stroke reading cylinder which can measure stroke length
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • Precision positioning (stopping accuracy ±0.5mm)
  • Prevents dropping from raised positions during intermediate stops
  • Minimum unit of measure: 0.1mm
  • Bore sizes: 40, 50, 63, 80, 100
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