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Parker P1X Cylinder

Parker P1X Cylinder
Manufacturer: Parker

The P1X has a low profile design to fit into spaces where height is a concern. The oval piston design creates high side loading capacity. Shock/Stroke adjusters are optional for applications that need mid stroke adjustment or dampening for high speeds.

The P1X is a rodless cylinder with an oval piston design. The oval piston design is advantagous for lower profile application requirements as well as higher side-load moment capacity. The P1X also has a stroke adjustment/positioning option. This creates the ability for the user to change the stroke on demand. The stroke adjuster is a shock absorber that also helps with deceleration. This shock option may be necessary for high speed applications. The P1X is available in 7 different bore sizes with multiple porting, mounting and sensing options.

Features Model
  • Bore Sizes: 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, and 63mm
  • Stroke Range: Up to 5000mm
  • Operating Characteristics: Double Acting
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 100 PSI (7 Bar)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 40 to 140°F (5 to 60°C)
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