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Allen Bradley Micro800 Plug-in Module

Allen Bradley Micro800 Plug-in Module
Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley

With our Bulletin 2080 Micro800 Programmable Logic Controllers Plug-in Modules, you can adapt your base unit controller to fit your application needs. Extend the functionality of embedded I/O without increasing the footprint of your controller. Increase the system capabilities through memory and clock modules.

Features Model
  • Available for additional I/O, communications, backup memory and specialty capabilities
  • Snaps easily into controller without expanding the footprint
  • Operates in -20…65 °C (-4…149 °F) temperatures
  • Include DeviceNet scanner modules that enhance communication capabilities up to 20 nodes of PowerFlex AC drives or CompactBlock LDX I/O and also reduce wiring and installation costs for larger standalone machines that have distributed drives and I/O
  • Provide isolated serial port to support RS-232 and RS-485 communications
  • Address even the most intensive serial communications tasks with Modbus RTU and ASCII protocol support
  • Allow you to expand with as many as five additional serial ports
  • Support analog input and output (2-channel, 4-channel, non-isolated)
  • Allow you to expand with as many as 20 analog inputs
  • Include resistance temperature detector/thermocouple (2-channel, non-isolated) modules that support temperature control when used with PID
  • Reduce the need for external relays with flexibility to add as many as 20 relay outputs
  • Allow you to customize your controller in a cost-effective manner for input-intensive or output-intensive applications
  • Double the amount of I/O without increasing the controller size
  • Include motion high speed counter modules that support touch probe input in hardware for exact registration of axis and also provide position verification for servo and encoder feedback modes
  • Include trim potentiometer modules (6-channel, analog input) that are low-cost method of adding six analog presets for speed and position control and can also be embedded into controllers to avoid casual access by operators
  • Provide one-touch back-up, supports removal and insertion under power
  • Can be used to clone and update PLC application code (available for Micro830 controllers only)
Mfr. Part No. Description
2080-IQ4 4-pt Digital Input, 12/24VDC, Sink/Source, Type3


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