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ABB BSM N Series Servo Motor

ABB BSM N Series Servo Motor
Manufacturer: ABB

ABB's BSM N-series provides applications with low inertia to attain the highest acceleration capability – to allow you to position faster. The BSM N-series is used in the world's fastest machines and demanding applications. The N-Series brushless servo motors provide a very responsive acceleration in a rugged, durable design with high energy Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnetics. This series provides continuous stall torque capability ranging from 0.45 N-m (3.9 Lb-In) to 40 N-m (354 Lb-In). Peak torque capability is nominally 4 times continuous. This series has the lowest inertia to provide the maximum torque per package size. The BSM motor has been time proven over the years. The BSM N-series is used in the world's fastest machines, in industrial motion control applications such as: indexers, form/fill/seal, flying shears, cut-to-length, robotics, insertion, packaging, capping machines, laser trimming, marking/labelling and many other demanding applications.

Features Model
  • Low inertia rotor design with Neo magnets - 5 standard frame sizes to choose
  • Acceleration torques from 1.8 N-m (16 Lb-In) to 160 N-m (1400 Lb-In)
  • High output torque at low speed – continuous 0.4 N-m (4 Lb-In) to 40 N-m (354 Lb-In)
  • Inertia range .067 - 38 Kg-cm2 (.00006 - .034 Lb-In-s2 )
  • Standard windings for 160, 300, 650 bus volts- customs available
  • Dependability designed in the high 155°C design
  • Premium 200°C moisture resistant, multi-coated wire for reliability
  • Extra high insulated stator for high voltage and current spike protection
  • Superior bearings with Exxon PolyrexEM TM polyrex grease to provide 4 times greater life
  • Rugged industrial construction to provide quality throughout the design
  • Stock and customs available - IEC/NEMA designs
Mfr. Part No. Description
BSM50N-175AA Continuous Stall Amps 0.79
BSM50N-275AA Continuous Stall Amps 1.42
BSM50N-375AA Continuous Stall Amps 2.38
BSM63N-150AA Continuous Stall Amps 1.83
BSM63N-175AA Continuous Stall Amps 1.01
BSM63N-250AA Continuous Stall Amps 2.82
BSM63N-275AA Continuous Stall Amps 1.94
BSM63N-350AA Continuous Stall Amps 4.05
BSM63N-375AA Continuous Stall Amps 2.82
BSM80N-150AA Continuous Stall Amps 3.05
BSM80N-175AA Continuous Stall Amps 2.14
BSM80N-250AA Continuous Stall Amps 5.61
BSM80N-275AA Continuous Stall Amps 3.93


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