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Vickers DG5S4-02 Solenoid Operated, Two-Stage Directional Control Valve

Vickers DG5S4-02 Solenoid Operated, Two-Stage Directional Control Valve
Manufacturer: Eaton

Series 02 two–stage directional valves are designed to meet the requirements of high performance, precision industrial hydraulic systems operating at pressures to 210 bar (3000 psi) and flows to 130 l/min (34 USgpm), depending on spool type (ref. Maximum flow curves on page 4). Mounting surface is NFPA D05/ISO–05 with X–Y auxiliary ports.

Two–stage 02 valves (with additional pilot and drain ports) feature tapered main spool lands which permit faster operation with less hydraulic shock. Their close spool–to–bore tolerances also have minimum clearance for low internal leakage without the necessity of selective assembly.

Advanced design pilot valves provide reduced power consumption without any sacrifice of valve performance. Quiet, long life solenoids can be replaced quickly without disturbing the hydraulic circuitry for easy maintenance. These pilot valves create a high margin of shift force that can overcome spool friction occasionally caused from dirt or other contaminants. The manual override is standard for quick start–ups.

Features Model Document
  • Suitable for the most demanding industrial applications with flow capacities up to 227 l/min (60 USgpm) and rated pressure of 210 bar (3000 psi).
  • Available with a wide variety of spool and spring arrangements, stroke and pilot choke adjustments, integral check valves, and port orifices.
  • Solid cast body with cored passages for maximum strength and minimal pressure drop.
  • Designed and manufactured by Vickers, with over 70 years as the global leader in fluid power and motion control.
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