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MAC 58 Series Direct pilot operated solenoid valve

MAC 58 Series Direct pilot operated solenoid valve
Manufacturer: MAC

The MAC 58 Series is a 3-way balanced spool valve piloted by our (which means this large 3-way valve can also be ordered with the 200 series Hazardous Location version as a pilot - giving it the same standard). This is an extremely versatile valve: It can be converted for use in vacuum. It can be changed from a Normally Closed function to a Normally Open function by simply rotating a function plate between the pilot and the main valve bodies. It can also be converted to a remote air operated valve by removing the solenoid pilot assembly - just to name a few.

  • Cv (Max): 26
  • Port Sizes: 1"-1 1/2"
  • Configurations: Individual Inline
Features Model
  • The patented MACSOLENOID® with its non-burn out feature on AC service.
  • Seven valve functions in one valve.
  • Balanced spool unaffected by back pressure in the exhaust.
  • A large checked accumulator which supplies the pilot and air/spring return for consistent shifting.
  • A triple rated coil for 120/60, 110/50 or 24 VDC (6 Watt).
  • Use on lube or non-lube service.
  • Various types of manual operators and solenoid enclosures.
  • Optional low wattage DC coils down to 1 watt.
  • Optional explosion proof models designed to meet CSA standards for Class I, Groups B, C, D and Class II, Groups E, F and G. (NEMA equivalent of Class I is NEMA 7; Class II is NEMA 9)
Mfr. Part No. Description
58D-33 NC only valve, NC pilot - NC spool, 1 1/2” NPTF
58D-41 NO only valve, NO pilot - NC spool, 1” NPTF
58D-62 NO only valve, NC pilot - NO spool, 1 1/4” NPTF


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