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Koganei XDA Axis Cylinder

Koganei XDA Axis Cylinder
Manufacturer: Koganei

The non-rotating accuracy is 0.3° or less for the standard (bushing) type, 0.1° or less for the bearing type, and 0.05° or less for the long bearing type. Three grades are available according to the guide configuration. By selecting non-rotating accuracy in accordance with 5 bore sizes in the range of 16 [0.630in.]40 [1.575in.], and according to the application, it is possible to build pneumatic operating systems with extremely good cost performance.

The guides built into each side of the cylinder are compact and lightweight. Moreover, they have adequate rigidity. The highly clean-line body design with few protrusions is responsive to a variety of mounting types. Piping and wiring is also concentrated in a plane that eases mounting, adjustment, and maintenance.

A sensor indicator for confirmation of the operation point from outside and a magnet for the sensor switch are standard equipment. The compact sensor switch is mountable without any protrusions, and adjustment is also simple.

A compact shock absorber unit designed to fit the body comes with a newly-designed, built-in compact shock absorber. In the standard (single rod) cylinder, as well, 1 unit can be mounted on each end of the stroke.

Features Model
  • Double-sided guides assembled in the cylinder achieve high non-rotating accuracy.
  • A sensor indicator is equipped as a standard; and it shows magnet location so that the sensor switch operation point can be confirmed from outside.
  • A compact shock absorber unit of the same design with the body may also be selected.
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