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Humphrey D Cylinder

Humphrey D Cylinder
Manufacturer: Humphrey

Stainless Steel Series cylinders use stainless steel tubing, drawn and polished to provide ideal lube holding, low friction internal surface. Matte finish on outside.

Aluminum heads are attached to stainless steel tubes with Humphrey roll forming process to achieve secure attachment.

Piston rods are centerless ground accuracy stock stainless steel as standard on all models.

Unique piston permits same overall dimensions with or without bumpers using "V" seals designed for constant cylinder tube contact eliminating seal collage and blow-by.

Return springs are high tensile strength music wire, shotpeened to relieve stresses for longer life.

Single acting Model SHP Series are economical requiring air pressure only to extend the rod. Use less expensive 3-way valve to actuate.

Pivot tang permit cylinder movement with mechanisms or can be used for more rigid double end mount.

Non-rotating hex rod — no special guides required, controls orientation of devices attached to rod.

Features Model
  • Media: Air or oil. Consult factory for others.
  • Pressure Range: 0-200 psig or 0-100 psig by media.
  • Maximum stroke: 6"
  • Made in the USA.
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