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Aventics PRA Mini Cylinder

Aventics PRA Mini Cylinder
Manufacturer: Aventics

Universal and future-proof

The PRA and TRB cylinder series represent a consistent further development of our proven ISO cylinder with tie rods or compact profiles. They are the classic solution for numerous tasks and applications in nearly all industries – standardized in accordance with ISO 15552, available in 98 countries, including in an ATEX version.

Lighter, more efficient, with perfect cushioning

Besides offering perfection down to the last detail and an optimized material design, these profile cylinders particularly impress thanks to the improvements made to the cushioning system.

Modular sealing concept from AVENTICS

In addition to numerous design highlights, our PRA-TRB scraper modules offer the greatest adaptability to all requirements – whether dealing with loose dirt, grinding and welding residues, or chemicals. You decide which scraper is best for your application and industry. Thanks to the system’s modularity, you can change the scraper on the cylinder at any time, keeping your options open.

Features Model
  • Versatile product spectrum
  • Reduced weight
  • More efficient, shorter cycle times
  • Smooth-running and quieter thanks to elastic cushioning element
  • Optimized pneumatic cushioning
  • Material-optimized, cleaning-friendly design
  • Can be configured in the catalog: including extensive accessories and spare parts, as well as CAD applications
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