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ABB TYA Current Sensor

ABB TYA Current Sensor
Manufacturer: ABB

A closed loop current sensor, accurate and reliable, available in ranges of 300 A, 400 A, and 500 A. This device has an optimized shape to fit the applications requests and saves volume in the inverter.

Sensor for AC, DC or pulsating current measurement. The TYA range is based on Closed Loop Hall Effect technology with galvanic insulation between the primary and secondary circuits. Plastic case and insulation resin are self-extinguishing. Fixing holes in the case moulding for vertical mounting. Direction of the current: a primary current flowing in the direction of the arrow results in a positive secondary output current from terminal M. Primary connection: Rectangular hole for primary conductor. The temperature of the primary conductor in contact with the case must not exceed 100 °C. Secondary connection: Molex type HE14 connector.

Features Applications Model
  • Better integration capabilities due to its square shape
  • A single size for two ratings
  • Suitable for bus bar usage
  • Highest quality thanks to compliance with EN 50178 standards.
  • Nominal measuring range : 300 A - 500 A
  • Accuracy : ± 0,5 %
  • Linearity < 0,1 %
  • Bandwidth at -3 dB : 0 - 50 kHz
  • Supply voltage from ±12 …. ±24 V  (±5 %)
  • Dielectric strength : 3 kV.

Suitable for industrial applications

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