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ABB S500-ECO I/O Module

ABB S500-ECO I/O Module
Manufacturer: ABB

The scalability offered by the AC500-eCo gives you the assurance of knowing that the system is able to grow with your needs. We offer a wide range of digital and analog S500-eCo I/O modules for different applications.

Features Model
  • AC500-eCo CPUs are centrally expandable with up to 10 I/O modules - standard S500 and/or S500-eCo modules can be mixed.
  • The AC500-eCo is compatible with the AC500 PLC family - this provides you with the option to build customized solutions based on the standard S500 and S500-eCo I/O modules range.
  • The user-configurable I/O system gives you the flexibility of being able to make decisions and modifications right up to the last minute.
Mfr. Part No. Description
AI561 4AI,U/I 12bit+sign,24VDC,2-wire


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