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ABB RHD16000 Electrical Part-Turn Actuator

ABB RHD16000 Electrical Part-Turn Actuator
Manufacturer: ABB

Compact actuator for the operation of final control elements with rotary movement. For continuous positioning, rated torque 16000 Nm (12000 lbf-ft). The actuator thrust rod transfers the force directly to the final control element.

Features Model
  • Process optimization thanks to maximum control precision
  • Maintenance-free up to 10 years
  • Electrical actuator for continuous positioning, three-point position control, or bus control
  • Stallproof without the need for position- or torque-dependent shut-off
  • Adjustable mechanical limit stops for defined operating range
  • Handwheel for emergency operation
  • Signal and power input only via separate, microprocessor-controlled electronic unit
  • Rated speed: RHD16000-30,0-30 to 900 s/90°
  • Operating angle: min 35°/ max. 300°
Mfr. Part No. Description
RHD16000-30 Rated torque 16000 Nm (12000 lbf-ft)


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