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Humphrey 315 direct acting solenoid valve

Humphrey 315 direct acting solenoid valve
Manufacturer: Humphrey

Humphrey 315 Solenoid Inline Valves feature the same great Humphrey direct acting balanced spool poppet technology.  Available as an in line valve with optional manifolds for concentrated supply & exhaust piping. The 315 series valves are 1/8 ported but offer a higher flow rate 4 times higher than the 310 series valves.

If you’re looking for performance and flexibility, look at the new Humphrey 315 Series valves. They’re part of the family of 300 Series valves designed and engineered for precise, reliable operation in a wide range of applications.

Features Model Document
  • Multi-purpose 3-way
  • Three 1/8"ports
  • 0.42 Cv
  • 5.0 watts power consumption
  • Can be used on same manifold with 415 Series valves
  • The 315 Series Electric (Solenoid) Valves have 1/8 pipe ports and 1/8" orifice.
  • Direct-acting single-solenoid, balanced poppet valves with no sliding seals, feature high flow rates in a compact design.
  • No lubrication required.
  • Continuous-duty molded coil and Class B insulation system to provide long hours in tough working conditions.
  • Available in multi-purpose 2- or 3-way models.
  • Available in metric sizes. Consult factory.
  • Media: Air and other gases.
Mfr. Part No. Description
315 2- or 3-Way Inline


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