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How to maintain pressure system and pneumatic components

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First, a lot of exhaust condensate from the compressed air

1. forget the discharge tank, air filters, etc. condensation; should be checked regularly and discharge condensate;

2. after cooler insufficient capacity, should be water-cooled after cooler, leading to an increase in the cooling water condensate

3. the intake port is set incorrectly, inhalation rain; should avoid as far as possible at low tide place

4. the compressor is inappropriate; if low-viscosity oil, condensate water will increase

5. due to the rainy season caused by humid air; attention to the timely discharge of condensate

Second, the compressed air is mixed with dust

1. caused by dust around; filter should be added at the solenoid valve exhaust port, to the assembly in the protective cover

2. mixed with dust when the pipe; the pipe should be at the time, pay attention not to mix the dust inside the tube, in addition to pay attention to prevent the sealing material is mixed junction.

Third, the constant pressure of compressed air

1. the compressor capacity is insufficient; should select the appropriate corresponding displacement of the compressor;

2. a large amount of leakage; pipe connecting the sealing portion of the poor, to check the connection part does not leak;

3. pipe leak; seal damage and aging to be repaired;

4. pneumatic components leak; if it is a small leak, soapy water to test;

5. compressor failure; replace parts

Fourth, pressure gauge pointer instability

1. the variation in gas consumption; should select the appropriate compressor capacity should be more than 1.2 times the maximum air consumption;

2. the piping is restricted; when far away from the source of gas pressure gauge pointer major changes, you can consider replacing the throttle portion, reducing the local loss.

Fifth, the cylinder does not move

1. when you install a different heart; concentrically mounted;

2. plus a lateral load; lateral load lifted, the cylinder piston rod reciprocates using rail;

3. there is no pressure or insufficient pressure; to be confirmed by the competent due to excessive pressure gauge, resulting in insufficient pressure, increasing the competent Road;

4. the pipe is inappropriate; (1) confirm the pipe halfway cut-off valve, gate valve, faucet, and all other open; (2) to avoid possible distortion of the hose, steel pipe as a result of the compressed air supply to be cut off;

5. no signal to the solenoid valve; be sure the input voltage signal, the pressure is within a predetermined range, and an electromagnetic coil is normal

6. flow control does not operate; flow rate adjustment knob screw too tight, because it is not from the cylinder exhaust is not action;

7. lack of lubrication; oil should be appropriate to improve the installation location lubricator, you need to choose the right lubricator and proper lubricants;

8. the piston seal is broken (in the cylinder leakage); then the exhaust port of the solenoid valve is always leak, so it is easy to judge, but also often mistakenly thought to be bad solenoid valves;

9. the load is too large; proportion of re-analysis of the cylinder with an output load (load factor), improve the use of pressure or increasing the cylinder bore NOTE: The cylinder theoretical output is usually about 30% to 50% of the load conditions

Sixth, the cylinder can not be smooth motion, jitter, moving speed changes frequently, especially at low speed

1. lack of lubricant; lubricator comparison of consumption and standard consumption and re-adjust the size of the lubricator;

2. pressure insufficient; too little gas is one of the reasons the standard cylinder movement is not smooth, ensure the cylinder size and speed of the corresponding flow, to ensure sufficient pressure;

3. mixed with dust; due to dust mixed in, the dust mixed with the lubricating oil, the viscosity increases, increase in sliding resistance.

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