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Dynapar HA25 Incremental Encoder

Dynapar HA25 Incremental Encoder
Manufacturer: Dynapar

Ultra-reliable, heavy-duty Size 25 (2.5") encoder

Complete electrical protection and noise immunity

Environmentally sealed to NEMA4/IP66

Up to 2540 PPR with optional marker pulse

Features Applications Model Document
  • Mechanical / Environmental
  • Long life, 40 lb bearings
  • Extended temperature range available
  • Industry Standard, Size 25 Form Factor
  • NEMA4 / IP66 washdown rating option
  • Electrical Features
  • Noise Immune to ESD, RFI and electrical transients
  • High current outputs
  • Over-Voltage protection
  • Reverse Voltage protection
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection

The Dynapar brand Series HA25 is a rugged, reliable and economical encoder for industrial motion applications.

Mfr. Part No. Description
HA525 Size 25, Enclosed, Shielded Bearings, Glass Disk; Optical; IP54, IP66
HA625 Size 25, Enclosed, with Shaft Seal, Glass Disk; Optical; IP54, IP66


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