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Analysis of industrial control computer applications

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Industrial control computer called IPC, different from a business computer, IPC is an enhanced version of the personal computer. The main function of the production process and mechanical equipment, process equipment to detect and control. IPC bus structure, configure the computer CPU, hard disk, memory, peripherals and interfaces, and a specific operating system, network and protocol control, computing power, user-friendly interface.

Industrial technology and products are intermediate products, as other industries to provide reliable, embedded, intelligent industrial computers. IPC main categories are IPC (PC bus industrial computer), PLC (programmable control system), DCS (distributed control system), FCS (field bus system) and CNC (numerical control system) five.

IPC because of its good reliability, timeliness, scalability and compatibility are widely used in industry, the market share of more than 95% of the general-purpose computer. PLC stands for programmable controller, which is a suitable industrial environment of the new universal automatic control device computer technology and automation and control technology combining development, alternative traditional relays. Now PLC logic control not only to achieve, but also with data processing, communications, networking and other functions, and has a small footprint, easy maintenance, assembly, programming is simple, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and other characteristics, is to promote intelligent manufacturing, factory automation an important part of the project.

CNC stands for computer numerical control system, which uses a dedicated microprocessor or computer numerical control system, previously stored in the reservoir by the force of the system to achieve control logic program in advance some or all CNC functions, and connected via an interface to peripheral devices. The control system covers many areas, including manufacturing technology, automatic control technology, servo drive technology, sensor technology, software technology.

Following is a brief introduction of several commonly used in industrial machines, help you better understand the application of the IPC:

1. Ordinary IPC: 4U rackmount chassis, flexible mechanical design to support 300W single PS / 2 and redundant ATX power supply, easy to install pre-bracket can be fixed 3 5.25, the front door can be locked to prevent unauthorized Access.

2. Compact IPC: Compact chassis airflow design, easy to maintain air filter, with a 1U 300W ATX / PFC power supply, seismic drive bay supports a 5.25 2 3.5 drives support up to four long front card.

3-one: with a touch, do not connect the monitor and keyboard and mouse; computer industry field and designed to resist strong vibrations, particularly dusty environments, while high resistance to electromagnetic interference ability and other characteristics.

With the deepening of social information, more and more industries rely on IPC, IPC and to cost-based industrial control automation is becoming mainstream. IPC is widely used in electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, transportation, construction and other industries, and an increasing demand, the market prospect is very broad.